The Netflix series has been trending in Pakistan and was number one when part four came out. It was even bigger this time since this year it included invaluable help from Pakistanis for the rebellious gang. Every Pakistani fan was so excited to have Pakistan be a part of the revolution and the joy hasn’t died down yet.

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So we had to ask? Doesn’t every single major character in the show look like a Pakistani actor? Don’t believe us? Here we go:


We have to begin with the Professor because we love him. And who better to play him than the distinguished Fawad Khan, who keeps his cool, deals with so many people and always looks like he has a plan. Moreover, with a beard and glasses, you can barely tell the two apart.

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Monika is everyone’s hot favourite this season and there is literally no difference between her and Ayeza Khan; and after seeing her stellar, strong performance in Meray Paas Tum Ho we all know that Ayeza can totally pull the role off.

Rio’s innocence can only be replicated by Shehroz Sabzwari. He might not act well enough to be Rio but he’s definitely got the look.

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We literally couldn’t tell these two apart. Meesha definitely has the looks, and the fire, to play the rebellious Tokyo.

Dashing and smooth? Adnan Siddiqui is the top search result for Berlin.

Fire, spunk and the guts to take the police and government on, Nausheen Shah is the perfect fit for Raquel.

Our favourite, our warrior and the star of this season, Nairobi, could only be played by the impeccable Saba Qamar.

Did you think we could actually forget Denver? No way! We can’t forget how similar Ali Rehman Khan looks to this conflicted and emotional character.

Even though our beloved Humayun Saeed didn’t make the final cut, we all remember the time when rumours began that he was a part of part four.