Nida Yasir has revealed how she lost three kgs of weight in one week. Nida shared a post on her Instagram about losing weight under which replying to a user who asked her how she lost weight and inquired about her diet, Nida shared that she consumed only watermelon for three days.

Replying to another comment she said that she did not eat roti, cheeni and chawal during the diet.

Earlier, Nida had updated her Instagram followers that she is working hard to reduce her weight.


Meanwhile, PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz is also on a diet these days. When asked by a follower if she was having lassi in her silver cup, Nawaz had said: “I wish I could have it everyday but I have to watch my weight so coffee only”.

The Current does not endorse quick weight losing techniques, you should visit a doctor before jumping into diets.