Former President Zardari’s daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari got engaged at a day event in Karachi.

Guests at the event

Guests had been asked to get tested for coronavirus before they attended the event.


Bakhtawar wore a pink outfit and looked radiant as she walked in.

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The venue was beautifully decorated with pink and white flowers. Aseefa, Bakhtawar’s sister wore a purple and beige outfit and is that Bilawal we spy on the IPad?

Bilawal Bhutto was unable to attend the event since he tested positive for coronavirus and is now in quarantine. We are absolutely in love with Bakhtawar’s shawl, and its true: the happiest brides are the prettiest brides.

Bakhtawar also tweeted a picture of her and her fiance, Mahmoud Choudhry.

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Bilawal took to Instagram to post a picture of him ‘at’ his sister’s engagement.