Rambo and Sahiba are one of Lollywood’s power couples. The two have been married since decades, entertaining us throughout their marriage. And even though the two have always appeared happily in love, Jan Rambo developed cold feet just before the wedding.

In a recent interview, he revealed that Sahiba was so humble that she didn’t even wear her own shoes on set. He admitted feeling scared about their future together at first, but Rambo noted, “Sahiba changed a lot over time.”

Rambo confessed, “Sahiba helped me become a better person, steering me away from past mistakes.”
Rambo shared that Sahiba’s early movies weren’t doing well, so she was searching for a good co-star. “As we spent more time together for work, I got to know her better, especially admiring her respectful behavior towards women.”


He confessed he first saw Sahiba’s picture in a newspaper interview and immediately fell in love with her. Convincing Sahiba’s mother, former superstar Nisho, took six years. They agreed after four years, with the condition to work for two more years before tying the knot.

Rambo admitted his initial worries about whether Sahiba could adjust to his family’s lifestyle, given her celebrity background. He recalled, “Sahiba used to come to the set before our marriage, accompanied by her manager, a security guard, a driver, and a female servant who helped her with her shoes.”

However, Rambo’s fears vanished after seeing Sahiba adapt after marriage. He praised Sahiba’s mother for raising her daughters well despite her own fame in the entertainment industry.

Rambo concluded by saying, “My family now admires Sahiba, considering her a wonderful wife, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”