Every one can agree that Shah Rukh Khan’s best on-screen partner is Kajol, but we have to admit that another actress has time and time again proven that she can match the Bollywood superstar’s charisma and sensuality. Deepika Padukone has once more proved her star power with ‘Jawan’ releasing in theatres across India, and fans can’t get enough of the three-times Filmfare Award winning actress for the way she commands the screen, even in a 20 minute cameo.

So we’d like to make a case: Kajol has the wittiness and feisty attitude to balance Shah Rukh’s intensity but it is Deepika whose domineering presence, poise and sultriness makes her the ideal on-screen partner for Shah Rukh.

Deepika and Shah Rukh first won hearts back in 2007 with ‘Om Shanti Om’, then continued to dominate the box office, proving that the chemistry between the two is powerful enough to blow us over. In celebration of ‘Jawan’, the duo’s fifth partnership, we rank our favourite films:


1 Om Shanti Om (2005)

Deepika set the standard for everyone to come in an iconic entry scene. Even eighteen years later, fans remain in awe of the moment where Shanti (played by Deepika) arrives at her premier in a glittering pink saari and Om (played by SRK) watches her in admiration from the sidelines. Since then, the film has become a cult favourite for fans of one of the best tragic romances Bollywood has ever producer. We recommend every non-Bollywood fan to check out the film to understand why the SRK-Deepika partnership leads to box-office hits.

2 Pathaan (2023)

‘Pathaan’ demonstrated how the duo’s powerful chemistry worked for different genres. The two start off as enemies working on opposing sides with Deepika playing Pakistani doctor and ISI agent Rubina Mohsin, who is being chased across the continent by Indian agent Pathaan (played by SRK), and then both come together to take down a former RAW agent who is trying to unleash a virus across the country. The film was praised for Deepika’s flawless action sequences, as well as electrifying chemistry with the Bollywood Badshah.

3 Chennai Express (2013)

The hilarious duo once more delivered a rom-com that surpassed expectations, proving that the Shah Rukh- Deepika partnership is one that will make history. In this film, Shah Rukh plays a 40-year-old bachelor who travels to Goa to spread his grandfather’s ashes. On board the Chennai Express, he meets Meenalochni (played by Padukone), a woman running away from a forced marriage.

4 Billu Babar

Deepika had a small cameo in the song ‘Love Mera Hit Hit’ but the chemistry in this solo scene was off the charts. Fans have praised the song as a game changer, and if you don’t believe it, then watch it for yourself.