Actor Azaan Sami Khan, the son of singer Adnan Sami Khan, wished a happy a happy birthday to his younger half-sister, Medina.
While writing on his Instagram, Azaan Sami Khan posted a picture with his younger sister to wish her a happy 7th birthday.
He captioned, “Happy 7th Birthday! My baby sister, Lalas Jaan, had the best birthday ever. I love you so much!”
He added, “P.S. Baba loves me more.”

Azaan Sami Khan kept the comments turned off on the post.
It’s important to remember that Azaan Sami Khan is the only child of singer-musician Adnan Sami and his first marriage, which lasted for three years, to veteran actor Zeba Bakhtiar.
Whereas Medina is the younger and only daughter of the veteran singer’s third wife, Roya Sami Khan.