On Sunday night, several prominent models like Mushk Kaleem, Ifrah Humayun, Javeriya Haif came forward to condemn the brutality inflicted upon a makeup artist working with Nabila Salon, Bryan William. Model Mushk Kaleem was the first person to break the news, and said that model Robina Khan had her husband assault Bryan on set, because he had refused to carry her personal belongings during the shoot, describing it as something that “appalled” her.

“Imagine, you’re shooting in peace, and someone’s husband and his goons bring weapons with them, and start physically assaulting someone while you’re shooting. Appalled. Baffled. Disgusted. I hope this model’s name comes out. I hope no designer,/ model/ photographer ever works with her. Also hoping the Nabila team takes corrective measures and protects its employees.”

Several other models soon came forward to express their solidarity with the makeup artist, and demanded that Robina Khan is banned from working with prominent designers or photographers.


‘I know the MUA myself!” wrote Ifrah Humayun. “This act is not acceptable at any cost! This woman needs to be banned and be told that she cannot fuck around with people if she has a coward man and armed people around her.”

Nabila Salon released a short statement on their Instagram page, where they wrote the brand would work with professionals who value the dignity and safety of their employees.

Other makeup artists have also come forward to express their solidarity with Bryan, as the instagram user makeupwithshainal wrote:

“We makeup artists are not your servants. If we kindly refuse to hold your personal belongings may it be a piece of jewellery or anything please accept our request because if that item is mis placed, we get the first accusation saying that we stole it etc as we are the first people to see and deal with models…We are not your servants so please deal with us in a respectful manner.”

Robina Khan, the model who had led the assault on the makeup artist, has released a statement, alleging that the assault was justified because the makeup artist in question called her a “do takay ki model.”

‘The argument started when I requested a makeup artist to carry my phone when I was ready for my shot on shot today. He blatantly said that he was not going to do that and that ‘do takay’ ki model like me should take care of her own stuff and also swore at me, that made me so upset so I in turn swore at him.”

“I am sure no respectable husband would tolerate anyone abusing at his wife for no reason and when he arrived to pick me, he asked who misbehaved with me and this makeup artist in question very rudely said it was him and what was his problem. My husband got flared up because of this makeup artist’s condescending behavior and slapped him as he said no one has the right to misbehave with his wife this way.”