The most controversial discussion on television last night was the notice to parents by the Khyber Pakhtunkhua government that their daughters will have to wear an abaaya/chadar/burkha when going to and coming from school. This restriction was being placed on them for their “own protection”.

Social media was in an uproar, as well as television programs. When anchor Shahzeb Khanzada did a program on the issue last night, he took the man who had circulated the notice: the Chief Minister’s advisor on elementary and secondary education, Ziaullah Bangash.


Shahzeb asked him questions on what the government’s plan was on how to cover up little boys since there were more cases of sexual abuse against boys reported than girls. He also asked Bangash about the co-relation between clothes and abuse, showing data on how there was more sexual abuse of children in madrassahs than schools, and madrassahs being a place where students were fully covered and being given religious teachings, this should not be the case.

Bangash had no pertinent answer. The notice has since then, been taken back by the Chief Minister.

Watch Shahzeb’s explosive interview here: