Just being the boss she is

Powerhouse Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy keeps setting new milestones like becoming the first Pakistani to win two Oscars, then going on to helm a Marvel show about a Pakistani-Canadian girl with incredible powers, and now she is also marking the 10th anniversary of Gucci Chime, an initiative set up by fashion house Gucci, by directing a series of videos featuring celebrities like Idris Elba, Julia Roberts and even other activists on what they chime for.

Breaking the news on social media, Chinoy wrote:


“When we got everyone in their chairs and the cameras started rolling the conversations always ended with people saying we have to ensure that the world moves towards gender equality! In the fight for a more gender equal world who do you chime for? @gucci @gucciequilibrium

The Gucci CHIME campaign was founded ten years ago in partnership with singer Beyonce and Pinault. Gucci hosted The Sound Of Change: Live in London which featured artists like Beyoncé, Florence Welch, John Legend and Jennifer Lopez. It was broadcast to one billion viewers and raised over $3.9 million to support girls and women worldwide.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on why she chose to become an advisory member for Gucci Chime, the director revealed that she was inspired by the work the organisation had done to promote gender equality around the world:

“I joined Chime for Change in 2013 because of its mission to promote gender equality and empower women and girls around the world. My career as a social justice filmmaker aligned itself with Chime’s three key pillars of education, health and justice. I have seen firsthand how the money raised through Chime improves the lives of women and strengthens communities.

In my own home country of Pakistan, Chime helped build a girls school. I have seen the work put into key projects in Africa and South America, but what speaks to me the most is that Chime builds partnerships. It invests in women, not simply with funding, but also with advocacy, enabling them to then further champion other women. [Chime’s] model is unique and so many of the women they have championed now sit on its board. The work they have accomplished over the past decade reminds us of the importance of advocating for those striving to make a difference.”

Since the post was uploaded yesterday, Pakistani celebrities like Mahira Khan, Mehreen Syed and Azfar Rehman have offered congratulations to Chinoy for the presitigious win.