Agha Ali has responded to the backlash he received after a video clip of him and his wife Hina Altaf went viral on social media. In the clip, Hina and Agha shared that at the time of their marriage, the only promise that Agha took from Hina was that she will never get fat or gain weight.

The couple received immense criticism on social media and people called them out for promoting fatphobia.

In a story posted to his Instagram, Agha clarified his statement and said that he asked his wife not to gain unnecessary weight because she is an actress and needs to look fit.


“No producer or director or writer would like to have an overweight heroine,” said Agha.

He added: “She was chubby before and has worked really hard to keep fit. I myself have had a weight loss journey.”

The actor also expressed his anger over the matter and said that has is not a fat-shamer and has never made fun of or ridiculed overweight people. He also said that he will host a live session to discuss the matter.