On Pakistani online marketplaces, there are a number of replicas that are so similar to the original product that a layperson would have a hard time telling the difference.

Apple Watch clone smartwatches, which are significantly less expensive than the original Apple Watch, are one of the most popular products in online marketplaces like OLX and Daraz.

Here is the cheapest Apple Watch Series 7 copy version currently available on Daraz with a price tag of just Rs1,899:


The seller claims that the ‘I7Pro Max IWO13 PRO’ is an IP67-resistant watch with a heart-rate monitoring system and 1.8-inch ‘HD’ screen. It is currently one of the cheapest Apple Series 7 clone smartwatch available in Pakistan.

These smartwatches come in a variety of model numbers and brand names, and most of them are made in China.


Lower grade replicas are more affordable ones. Smartwatches costing more than Rs5,000 can be thought of as slightly superior to ones costing less than Rs4,000.

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The most intriguing thing is that despite many online shoppers knowing that these affordable watches don’t offer good quality or features, they continue to purchase them since the original Apple Watch Series 7 has a starting price of Rs90,000, which is significantly higher than what an average consumer can afford.