A Pakistani named Bilal Khalid, currently living in the United Kingdom (UK) has claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin, originally known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The true identity of Bitcoin’s founder is unknown and it is also said that Satoshi had a huge collection of coins worth almost $10 billion.

According to the details, Bilal in a series of blogposts has provided evidence to support his claim of being Bitcoin’s creator, along with his story on what inspired him to work on digital currency.


Bilal says that he derived the name Bitcoin from BCCI (the Bank of Credit and Commerce International) and wrote that he graduated from Al-Khair University in Pakistan, and later took online courses from Yale, Duke, and University of California-Irvine.

He also shared the story of how he lost his coins collection, which as of right now are 10,037,062,000.00 USD, and would have made him the richest Pakistani.

However, he says the loss was too big for him to take and that is the reason why he gave up on cryptocurrency.