Over the past couple of days, allegations of misbehavior and alleged abuse of power have been levied against Sana Javed by numerous individuals within the entertainment industry.

While detailed accounts were shared, alongside opinions, and support for those speaking up, Sana seemed to have remained relatively silent during the unfolding of events.

However, the Khaani actress has taken to Instagram to address these allegations with a legal notice, pictures of which were shared in her post.



“In the past 72 hours, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of lies and fabricated stories, bullying, hate speech, and threats,” penned Sana Javed in the Instagram post. “A proper planned smear campaign has been initiated against me by a group of individuals,” she further explains.

Sana talks about how this ordeal has caused “severe trauma” to her and her family. Moreover, she writes that she is shocked to see how “toxic” people can be, with many jumping on the bandwagon of hate without verifying facts.

In all of this, the Pyaray Afzal states that she will not be commenting on the stories or incidents that have come to light, despite the accounts being “one side of the story,” claiming that all that has been shared is “beyond disgusting,” and “disgraceful.”

Capping off her statement, she reveals that she has taken legal action, with the matter now lying in the hands of legal bodies.

“I love my work and hold it in the highest [regard]” says Sana Javed in her Instagram caption. “Throughout my career I’ve tried my best to hold my ground and my integrity by giving [the] utmost respect to my colleagues and peers, and expected the same in return.”

Sana concludes her post by stating once again that she will be pursuing this legally, and talks about being grateful for the support she has received from friends and fans who have stood by her during this time, calling these supportive factions her strength.

The detailed Instagram post also contains images of a legal document that further explains details with regards to the entire matter.

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