United Motors introduced the 800cc Bravo hatchback in Pakistan back in 2018, soon after Pak Suzuki officially announced discontinuing the wildly popular 3-decades old Suzuki Mehran.

The car was seen as a ‘better replacement’ for the Suzuki Mehran as it came with many interesting features, including an interior with a wooden touch that was actually made of plastic, a dual gauge speedometer, three-spoke steering, alloy rims, power windows, power steering, and keyless entry.

Due to its features and relatively contemporary looks, it was believed to perform well in Pakistan.


However, even after more than five years, finding a Bravo on the roads is a rare event. You might come across one in the cities of Punjab.

Bravo was launched with an 800 cc naturally aspirated 3-cylinder petrol engine that makes 40 hp and 60 Nm of torque, mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

There is not just one reason for its flop in the Pakistani auto market.

United Bravo initially attracted a lot of attention due to its low cost. After some time, those who purchased Bravo began to experience a number of build quality issues. Additionally, it was said that the company’s after-sales services were subpar and that there was a shortage of car parts.

Numerous online reviews of the car’s substandard build, messed-up paint, and poor assembling frightened potential buyers or anyone even considering purchasing a Bravo.

Bravo had minimal resale value, and the small hatchback was viewed as a scary investment as it was incredibly difficult for the owner to sell the vehicle once they had purchased it since there were few people interested in owning it.

United Bravo has been unable to draw buyers despite being aimed at Pakistan’s largest automotive sector by sales volume. If the manufacturer had launched the car with long-lasting, good-quality parts, it might have done better in Pakistan.

Any auto parts store will sell spare parts for the Suzuki Mehran, but you can’t imagine buying parts for Bravo at every shop.

Pakistanis often assess how a new brand or product will perform in the long run before accepting it or placing their trust in it. Since established brands like Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota have gained the trust of consumers and deliver acceptable after-sales service, it is difficult for newcomers to compete with them in the Pakistani auto market.