Irish and British cricketer Eoin Morgan, who steered the England cricket team to victory in the 2019 World Cup on Sunday, has said that “Allah was with them”.

After a sensational win against New Zealand in the World Cup final held at Lord’s, Dublin-born Morgan was asked whether England team enjoyed the famed luck of the Irish.

“I spoke to Adil (England leg-spinner Adil Rashid), he said Allah was definitely with us,” he said in response.



“It actually summarises our team. Quite diverse backgrounds and cultures and guys grow up in different countries and to actually find humour in the situation we were in at times was pretty cool,” Morgan added.

Earlier, England lifted their maiden World Cup. Both the Englishmen and Kiwis scored 241 runs which led to a first-ever Super Over in the World Cup final.

Both teams scored 15 runs each, however, England was declared the winner based on boundary count in the match.