On March 25, 2021, Strings announced that after a successful run for 33 years, they had decided to break up the band, with members Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood going their separate ways.

The decision broke hearts across the subcontinent, as fans grappled with the end of the band they had grown up listening to.

Now, Bilal Maqsood has opened up about why the decision to end ‘Strings’ was difficult but necessary. He said that because both him and Kapadia wanted to end the band with good memories rather than being cast out of the limelight with disgrace:



“We were incredibly happy to end ‘Strings’ because the respect we wanted our band to have was our top priority. Both of us had discussed prior to our announcement that if we would ever end the band, we’ll do it at the peak of our career, rather than dragging it on to a point that people beg us to leave and retire.”

Maqsood made a reference to other members of the sports and music industry, especially senior officials who grow vastly unpopular with audiences because of their denial of the fact that they could lose their fanbase

“We had noticed this with the sports and music industry, with senior officials who remain in a sort of denial that they could never be unpopular, and since they’ve been here longer they deserve respect from the public. We never wanted ‘Strings’ to go out of the public this way, so we decided that it’s best to end this before that happens. Lockdown provided us with the perfect opportunity because that’s when things began to stagnate, concerts weren’t happening so it was a good opportunity to end with good memories with our fans.”

Maqsood went on to thank the fans who had kept the band popular for 33 years since they began and promised that even though they had gone on their separate ways, he will have a lot of respect for Faisal Kapadia and wished him the best of luck with everything in his life.

Maqsood also assured his fans that he was still making more music, and soon they will see other projects that he is working on come to light.

Listen to his complete video here: