Melania Trump’s official account as First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is pretty interesting. This account has 3.2 million followers but only follows one account — that of her husband President Donald Trump.

The account has 453 posts in total. The latest post says “Delighted to host PM and Mrs. Morrison of Australia for a State Visit at the White House”.

Yesterday, she posted three pictures with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House.


“Great to have Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan at the White House today!”

The post has 65,700 likes so far and 1,369 comments.

In June 2017, she had posted a picture with Prime Minister Modi. It said: “Welcome to the White House Prime Minister Modi!”

Flotus’ post with Modi has 43,281 likes and 639 comments.

Three pictures with PM Khan vs one with PM Modi? PM Khan’s pictures got more likes and comments too! We think the Trumps (and the people) like PM Khan more. What do you think?