From London boy to Ludhiana boy?

The world’s axis shifted and Mother Nature began healing when news publications announced that superstar Taylor Swift had dumped the controversial Matty Healy, with fans around the world rejoicing

But because it can never be a dull day in showbusiness l, some media platforms are trying to link her with Indian singer Diljit Dosanjh. Never did we think this would happen, not even in our 🎵wildest dreams🎵 (wink)


Dosanjh himself fanned the flames by hilariously trolling the news site that spread the rumor with a cheeky comment which he later deleted:

“Yaar privacy naam di v koi cheez hundi aa”

Which soon led to a storm on social media with fans trying to re-imagine what would ‘Anti-hero’ singer and Doshanjh dating be like. The results were hilarious.

Can you do a bhangra to ‘Anti-Hero’? We’d pay A LOT to see Taylor trying to do that.

Lover (Taylor’s Version) ft Diljit?