Ever since Israel launched fresh airstrikes in Gaza and Palestine, the official Twitter account of the country has been actively propagating and justifying its acts. Asim Azhar recently responded to one of their tweets and told them to “stop the terrorism”.

Responding to Israel’s claims that they were founded 3,000 years ago, Azhar said: “Your ‘country’ was literally founded, sorry I mean forced on the world in 1948. Humse bhi aik saal chotay ho, aide tussi 3,000 years kay (You are one year younger than Pakistan and yet you claim you’re 3000 years old).”

“Stop the terrorism,” he added.


Asim’s tweet comes as tensions escalate in Palestine, where the Jewish state has dropped bombs on Palestinians killing hundreds. According to reports, Israeli fighter jets continued to pummel the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Wednesday, flattening residential buildings and killing at least four Palestinians, including a journalist.

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Furthermore, reports have stated that Israel has dropped close to 122 bombs on Gaza in 25 minutes on Wednesday.

Earlier, Israeli forces shot dead four other Palestinians and wounded scores more during protests and a historic general strike in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

At least 220 Palestinians, including 63 children, have been killed in Gaza since the latest violence flared on May 10. About 1,500 Palestinians have been wounded.