An alleged audio of Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Zaka Ashraf with an unknown woman has been leaked on social media, causing a furore. In the clip, he can allegedly be heard talking to an unknown woman, explaining the reason for removing Babar Azam from the captaincy.

The conversation revealed that, “Babar Azam had formed a group of eight players, he was asked to remain the captain of the Test team.”

The woman says that we are fans, we can see that the captain is supporting his friends. People close to him, like Shadab, have no place in the team.


In response to the woman, Zaka Ashraf allegedly says, “Pakistan cricket is deteriorating because of this.” Another unknown person also speaks up and says that Hasan Ali was also like that.

Meanwhile, Zaka Ashraf is heard saying that Hasan is also Babar’s friend. In response to Ashraf, the same unknown woman says no no Abu, Hasan was included in the team because Naseem Shah was not there.

The head of PCB then allegedly observes that a man named Talha is the player’s agent. “He has controlled eight players of the national team, he has signed a contract with the players, he is such a smart guy that he has built a lot of relationships with the players’ families by going to the players’ houses, and the players can’t move without him. Talha Osmani I think I don’t know what his name is.”

“I had told Babar Azam that you should keep the Test captaincy, I am thinking of removing you from the white ball. He replied, well, I will discuss this at home and then I will tell you the decision. Babar Azam called Talha and consulted him, and Talha advised him to leave everything.”

Ashraf then allegedly says that his “plan B” was ready. “When Babar left the captaincy, I said to the other man, ‘Chal bhai, ab tu captain hai.”

The unknown woman asks who is the captain, wondering if it is Shan Masood.

Zaka Ashraf in reply says no, Shaheen Afridi is the captain in white ball. “Good, but wasn’t Rizwan better in the white ball,” asks the woman.

Zak Ashraf says that he liked Rizwan but he was also deeply involved with Babar and Talha.

The unknown lady opines that Abu, but Shaheen is under the control of Shahid Afridi, his father-in-law.

“He interferes a lot,” the other unknown person says. “Dekho beta itna to chalta hai naa.” In response, the lady says, may Allah make it all better for Pakistan.