Celebrities across the world are no stranger to trolling. Though most of them tend to ignore the trolls and social media hate, there are times when they give it back to them.

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The latest victim of social media trolling is Zoya Nasir, who recently received some scathing comments after she congratulated YouTuber Christian Betzmann for converting to Islam.


“Welcome to peace Christian,” Zoya had written alongside a picture of herself and Betzmann. “May Allah give you all that you desire and more. Ameen.”

Commenting under the picture, a social media user Anum Ashraf Khan wrote: “Welcome to peace? Kisi ka deen kharab kar kay you want to live at peace? Shame on you, you poor soul. He should be ashamed of himself and should commit suicide.”

Replying to the comment, Zoya said: “I have three questions for you. What’s your objection and what right of objection do you have here when the entire world is happy? Would you say this to our faces, rather than behind your cowardly keyboard’s safety?”

“What would you do and how would you feel if (Allah forbid) he decided to listen to you and actually followed your criminal advice?,” questioned Zoya. “I hope you realise the kind of responsibility you have here.”

Later, the actor went to bash the user further in her Instagram stories, writing: “Let’s give her a huge round of applause for what she thinks she achieved here.”

“This very woke woman left a criminal and heinous advice for Chris,” said Zoya.

“Mostly Pakistani media personalities have thick skins, so we are alright,” she continued. “But what if this woman is dropping the same hate to someone [who is] emotionally weak and decided to act upon it?”

“Does she even realise this? Does anyone?,” she concluded.