Cosmetic company and international makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury has released Palestinian-origin model Bella Hadid, from their contract, eight months after saying she would be the face of the brand, U.S. based entertainment website, Entertainment Today (ET) has learned.

A source told ET, “Hadid’s contract with Charlotte Tilbury ended. She was told in November and was given the reason of ‘force majeure’ in her contract.”

According to Cornell Law School, force majeure is a part of a contract that lets both sides stop if something really big stops them from doing their part.


The exact reason for Hadid leaving Tilbury is not known. ET has asked Charlotte Tilbury and Hadid for a comment.

This news surprised many, since both Hadid and Tilbury had expressed ‘happy feelings’ when Hadid was taken on board by the brand.

In the video, Tilbury says warmly to Hadid, “Bella, darling! I’m so happy you’re here,” and Hadid says back, “Charlotte, darling! I’m so happy to be here with you, I love you.”

After parting ways with Charlotte Tilbury, Hadid is now focused on starting her own makeup and wellness company called Orebella. The launch is planned for May.