German vlogger Christian Betzmann has said that he miss time spent with Zoya Nasir after she broke their engagement.

Christian shared what he said was the former couple’s “first and our last post together.”

“This was our first and our last post together,” he began.


“I had such an amazing time with you and will never forget these past 1.5 years. Unfortunately, we both have different views on life and want a different future.” Christian added.

Christian further wrote: “I continue to wish you all the best in life. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us as a couple and as two individuals moving forward.”

Christian shared another post on his Instagram stories, saying: “It’s hard to leave something behind you love so much. It can be your partner, your family, or your best friend.”

“You can only try your best, but when the future is not aligning, you can’t keep making compromises,” he added.

“Never lose sight of your dreams, have faith in yourself and don’t settle for less,” said Christian. “Everything is temporary, so is pain. Be optimistic instead.”

Zoya and Christian announced their engagement on February 19 and were reportedly set to tie the knot this year. Their engagement ended after Christian had passed some insensitive comments on Pakistan and Islam.