Mohsin Naveed Ranjha has opened up on the ‘heavy discrimination’ in the fashion industry and has announced that he is opening his doors for young designers struggling to establish themselves in the fashion business.

In a detailed note posted to social media, the internationally acclaimed designer said: “The fashion fraternity in Pakistan and internationally at large faces heavy discrimination.”

“Having gone through a time where I have struggled to make a name and a repute for myself, the hardships that paved the way and the challenges that brought me to the point I am in today made me promise myself in the past that if I ever get to make a name, I’d help and promote local art and partisanship.”


Expressing his disappointment over the lack of support for debut designers, Ranjha said: “Seeing the sheer mockery and fun that was made of debut designers in the past bridal week has left me shattered and utterly disappointed.”

“Liking or disliking someone’s work is totally subjective but putting someone down like that and disrespecting them is something that has made me want to address this,” he added.

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The designer continued: “Leaving the good and bad to the critiques, let’s talk about how much hard work, dedication and labour each bridal wear takes to make. Each artisan spending hours and hours of their life trying to fulfil and perfect the look. How everyone associated with each stitch of the garment is being disrespected.”


Announcing his decision to support budding artists, Ranjha said: “We would feel happy to help a fellow member of the fraternity, regardless of scale and experience, and inculcate a culture of love, friendship, and togetherness.”

“We’ve had enough of bullying and disrespect in the name of criticism and this by no means equates to me to encouraging and supporting copy cats, it’s just realising that maybe with some support and love to these in need,” he concluded.

Hareem Farooq lauded Mohsin for taking this step, saying: “Well said, and what a beautiful thought! You are a gem! This world needs more amazing people like you.”

“Sending dhair saari duas your way,” she added.

An established designer, Ranjha has dressed a plethora of celebrities from Maya Ali to Ranveer Singh besides designing outfits for hundreds of brides across Pakistan.