Lahore Police have initiated an inquiry of the alleged torture incident of a student by her classmates at a private school in Lahore, ARY has reported.

A video of the incident shows three girls forcing their classmate to the ground, then sitting on her back. One of the girls can be seen pulling the victim’s hair and swearing at her while making her apologise .

The incident’s First Information Report (FIR) has been recorded on the complaint submitted by Imran, the victim’s father, accusing his daughter’s classmate J of being a drug addict and forcing her daughter to do drugs with her.


According to the FIR, J tormented the victim alongside her sister K, U and N R The victim’s father also said that they stole the gold chain his daughter was wearing.

Police is yet to arrest the girls named in the FIR.

The School has issued a statement in this regard saying that “it strongly condemns the incident that recently took place.”

“Our school culture is our highest priority and we uphold our core values of honor, respect, compassion and responsibility,”