Iqra Aziz has opened up on why she chose Yasir Hussain as her life partner.

Sharing a video clip of Yasir’s interview in which the actor remarked that there is nothing wrong with publicly expressing his love for his wife, Iqra said: “I chose Yasir because he always speaks the truth and does not differentiate among people.”

“He respects everyone and gives them their due credit,” said Iqra further. “In addition to this, he knows how to respect a woman. After my mother and sister, no one has given me more confidence than him.”


Iqra continued: “This is important in these times that a man, your husband, supports you in your work, your dreams and wishes to see you succeed in your life.”


The actor further said that a man who loves and respects his wife, helps her achieve her dreams and prioritises her happiness over his own is the dream of every girl and that her “dream has been fulfilled. Alhamdulillah“.

Iqra has always praised Yasir for being in her life. On their first wedding anniversary, Iqra had penned a loving note for Yasir, saying that he is the positivity in her life.

Following a public proposal, an intimate engagement, and a glorious wedding week, Iqra and Yasir tied the knot in December 2019.